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Urban Senses Scented Candle


Exquisite luxury scented candles, made with 100% natural vegetable wax, a pure cotton wick, wrapped in a 500-gram metal cup with bakelite lid. Accompanied by scented matches. Scented candles that encompass the heartbeat of great cities from East to West, and transport you to emblematic cities like New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Doha, Mumbai or Delhi. Available in three scents – Fleurs de Fruit, Eau de Cypres, and Ganja.

Fleurs de Fruit: inspired by African cities such as Cape Town or Mombasa

Base note: orange, fruit de la passion, mangue, combava
Middle note: fleur de tiaré, jasmin, rose, ylang
Top note: musc, noix de coco, vanille caramélisée, mousse

Ganja: inspired by trips to the Orient with sunsets in cities such as Mumbai or Delhi

Base note: absinthe, armoise, pamplemousse, cassis
Middle note: chanvre, eucalyptus, sauge, oranger
Top note: patchouly, bois de gaiac, santal, vétyver

Eau de Cypres: Damascus and Melbourne are the inspiration for this fragrance

Base note: géranium, romarin, galbanum, eucalyptus
Middle note: cyprès, pin sylvestre, fruits des bois, accord fleurs blanches
Top note: ir balsam, santal, cèdre, iris



  • 200 grams
  • Burn time: approx. 45 hours
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