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Privacy Policy

Louise Kennedy respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. In line with GDPR, your personal data collected from time to time may be used to update and correct the information previously collected.

The duly authorized personnel of Louise Kennedy, on the basis of the criteria of necessity may access your personal data, which are communicated to third parties:

(i) when the communication is necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations with respect to third parties legitimate recipients, such as public entities and authorities for their institutional purposes, for example anti-money laundering legislation, judicial authorities;

(ii) in case of extraordinary operations (e.g. mergers, acquisitions, transfer of assets, etc.).

Your personal data are also shared with our service providers; for example providers of technical and organisational services functional to the purposes above described., such as consultants, also in associate form, delivery, marketing, payment services companies, etc. Such subjects shall only receive the data which are necessary to perform the agreed services and shall act as data processors, on the basis of the instructions they receive. It is understood we do not share your personal data to third parties for marketing or profiling purposes.