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Louise Loves

Our Signature Scent

Eau De Parfum

Inspired by my enduring love of nature- a theme that emerges throughout all my collections- I launched my signature scent in 2013.

A romantic bouquet of delicate scented petals, I worked closely with one of the world’s most renowned perfumer’s to create this exquisite Eau de Parfum.

When exploring the myriad floral options, I was particularly captivated by the Rose de Mai; one of the most precious petals used within the fragrance industry.

The Makings of the Eau De Parfum

It’s such a personal journey working on a signature scent, and as my love of nature continues to inspire my work in its entirety, I am thrilled to share the Eau de Parfum that so perfectly embodies the handwriting and rich heritage of the brand.

The Development of the Perfume

Within this romantic floral bouquet, an exquisite choice of ingredients are balanced to perfection

With refreshing top notes of the Rose de Mai, geranium bourbon and mimosa, my signature scent is underscored with beautiful bergamont and lemon.

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