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Louise Loves

A collection of the people, places and things I love.

Permanent Collection

These are not typical ready-to-wear garments but rather beautiful heirloom pieces produced as one-off exclusives or in limited numbers.

The Permanent Collection offers instant heirlooms: understated yet indispensable clothing, accessories and design objects that will never go out of style.

They are timeless ‘forever’ garments not just to wear now but to be admired for years; versatile designs for a thoughtful woman’s wardrobe, her own permanent collection.

It’s All in the Details

Expertly embellished by hand, these elegant designs are created by a small team of artisans whose intricate craftsmanship elevates capes, jackets, gowns and wraps to another level.

Seeing a humble sketch from me and then the masters take over is both beautiful and inspiring.

Whether hand-embroidered with jet bugle beads, tiny pearls or delicate Swarovski crystals, a single piece can take up two months to complete by a highly skilled embroiderer..

Our Love Affair with India

My appreciation for the intricate work we commission in India, is indescribable. When pouring over our archives and I can look back with pride at the many fabulous pieces that featured over several seasons, some from twenty years ago.

I can see in my mind’s eye the production, the attention to detail, the expert eyes and the artisan hands required to produce what I consider to be works of art.

One of my favourite parts of our process is spending time with the talented artisans and seeing the exquisite craftsmanship and skill involved.

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